King of Kings Missions, Inc is a non-profit organization created as a means to raise money to help fund mission work.  KKMI is a locally owned business, however, no salaries are paid out, thus, all money raised goes directly to the mission field, both here in the U.S. and abroad.  KKMI also supports youth and children's summer camps. 

King of Kings Missions operates solely on fundraisers and donations.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, any donations given to KKMI are tax deductible.    

 Each year we  travel to Brazil to do mission work in various regions of the country.  In July of 2012, we traveled to Paraisopolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil, under the guidance of Tony and Karen Gray of Pioneer Missions, where we constructed a chapel to give the local people a place to worship.  We also held vacation bible school type classes each day for the children and we were able to provide eye exams and glasses to many in need.   
      The trips are normally 10 days long and we will log approximately 11,000 miles of travel during that time period.  These trips are 100% self funded by the team members and all the work is done free of charge.  Our 2013 trip is scheduled for July and will take us to Cariacica, Espirito Santo, Brazil.  While there, we will again build a chapel and hopefully be able to conduct bible school and hand out eye glasses.  
      The purpose for this event is to raise money to help fund the trip for the team in 2013.  All proceeds, after expenses from this event, will go directly to the King of Kings Mission Team.  Donations may also be made directly to the team. Feel free to contact us about the event itself or for more information about international missions.
    2014 saw the team split into two groups.  One group, let by Antioch Baptist Church, headed to Trenton, Ohio to reach out to underprivileged neighborhoods with street evangelism and daily bible schools.   The second group, led by Chapel Hill baptist Church, traveled to Welston, Oklahoma to assist in tornado relief efforts still lingering from 2012.  Our decision to stay in country this year was great! 

2015 took us to Almino Afonso, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil.  We took 12 team members to this northern state in Brasil to build a chapel and evangelize.  We were in the desert, complete with sand and cactus everywhere and 100 degree days, and it's winter there!!  We were able to complete the chapel and visit many homes and schools in the 10 days we were there.  It was a great experience.

2016 again took our team of missionaries to Assu, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.  17 members made the trip.  We completed our 4th chapel and ministered to hundreds throughout the week.   We were able to go into the locals schools there this year and have bible school activities with the students.

2017 took the King of Kings Mission team back to Brazil. This time we traveled to Pendencias, Rio Grande do Norte. While there, we constructed a chapel and handed out reading and sun glasses.  We were once again able to go into the local public schools there and talk about many things, included the love of Jesus, but also bullying and how different religions are accepted in the U.S..

2018 took us out of Brazil and into Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Just on the outskirts of Matamoros, there is a small community called the Love Homes Community. The name comes from the orphanage there.  At the time of our visit, there were 17 kids, from 3-15 years old living at the home.  There is a small building at the home that has served as a chapel, but termites had pretty much destroyed it, to the point that it wasn't safe to be in.   We built a new chapel on the land right beside the home, for the whole community to use. We also painted the walls of the Love Homes, held bible school a couple days and distributed reading glasses to those in need.

2019 saw our team heading back to the Love Homes community in Matamoros.  We constructed two classrooms for the children living in the orphanage there.  The purpose of the school is to help these children get a better education, with positive surroundings, as opposed to public schooling.  Orphans in that area are bullied quite a bit, even by teachers in the public school system. The classrooms will provide a great environment for the children to learn in!  

Each member of the team thanks you for your support of our goal. My God bless you richly.


Our Team

Jeff Brown founded KKMI after going to Brazil on 2012.  He enlisted a good friend, Dan Reeves, to help get ball rolling.  As the years have rolled by, KKMI has teamed up with several churches to create teams to do various missionary work.  Jeff and Dan are members of Chapel Hill Baptist Church in Milan, TN and both  2016 and 2017 saw the teams entirely made up of CHBC members.   In years past, they have teamed up with Antioch Baptist Church and Friendship Baptist Church, both in Medina, TN and also Emmanuel Baptist Church in Trenton, TN.  In each case, KKMI was either directly involved, or offered financial support for trips they could not be a part of.  

King of Kings Missions, Inc

This is the chapel that Jeff and Dan helped build in 2012. It ignited the fire that created King of Kings Missions

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